About Us

Peter and Sonja Janssen have been working in the heating, cooling, and ventilation business for over 25 years. Peter first started to familiarize himself with high efficiency boilers and energy efficient systems while running his own mechanical company in Holland. European manufacturers such as Buderus have always been leaders in energy efficient technology due to strict guidelines and high cost of energy. Besides traditional heating and cooling systems, geo-thermal systems are also becoming more popular in Canada as energy costs keep rising.

Janssen Energy Technology has completed projects in residential, agricultural, and commercial buildings of all sizes. New systems as well as renovations are all installed and serviced with the same eye for detail that the company is known for.

The first step in every project is a detailed consultation with the customer to find out what the best solution is for their particular application. This way the customer ends up with a solution that works and will save them money in the long run.

Besides work, the Janssen's are also active members of the community with involvement in 4H, sports, and other volunteer activities.